Fenix LR50R Search Light

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A rechargeable torch with an incredible 12000 lumen brightness which has the power to see nearly a kilometre away. This makes the LR50R perfect for searching open ground

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Product Description

Prepare to turn night into day with the outstanding Fenix LR50R Search and Rescue LED torch. With an ultra intense 12,000 lumens of lighting power and long run time at lower brightness levels, LR50R has you covered for both near and 950 metres far distance lighting. Four Luminus SST70 LED’S, each mounted in its own reflector provide massive illumination and broad versatility with a choice of 6 brightness levels starting at 50 lumens. The versatile beam profile which features spot and floodlight simply illuminates everything from near to far at high brightness settings.

Fenix LR50R is powered by a dedicated (removable) Fenix ARB-L52-16000 Lithium battery and can also use 1-4 x Fenix 21700 batteries in an emergency (output will be limited to 6000 lumens). The included battery is charged via a built-in USB-C socket that accepts charge current up to 4A for rapid re charging. (Charging cable supplied, mobile phone or similar charger required). The dual purpose USB-C socket is capable of charge and discharge, enabling your LR50R to perform as a power bank to charge your other devices.

50, 350, 1000, 3000, 6000 and 12000 lumen brightness settings deliver a versatile array of beam reach and run time combinations to suit your search task. At higher power settings the LR50R lights a huge swathe of countryside with its combined distance and wide angle (75 degree) flood beam.

Switching is controlled by 2 x Stainless Steel neck mounted buttons, the right button (general mode) giving access to On / Off and 6 brightness settings. The left button (functional mode) giving access to On / Off, Instant Turbo and Strobe modes. Simply press the inactive button to switch to its output modes while the torch is on. Buttons can be de-activated for safe transport simply by pressing both for 3 seconds. Repeat to re activate.

Fenix LR50R Search Torch other features:

* 4 x LED battery level / charging indicator in the switch block (charging indicator works with included battery)
* Safety proximity sensor in the reflector reduces output if the light is close to a surface
* Shoulder strap and tripod mount for comfortable use
* Stainless Steel impact bezel
* IP68 Waterproof 2 metres for 30 minutes
* Operating temperature -35 to 45c
* USB-C socket uses PD3.0 / PD2.0, QC3.0 and QC2.0 protocols for fast charging (charger dependent)

Please note: At 6000 and 12000 lumen brightness settings Fenix LR50R uses a lot of battery power and generates significant heat (activating over- heat protection). Run time in these modes is limited by these factors. (Please see run time chart below)

* At 12,000 lumens the light will begin to downshift after 20 seconds, reaching 8000 lumens after a further 60 seconds and 2900 lumens after approx 10 minutes. Higher output can be restored as the light cools.
* At 6,000 lumens the light will begin to downshift after 60 seconds, reaching 4000 lumens after a further 60 seconds.

Continuous brightness is available at 30, 350, 1000 and 3000 lumen settings.

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