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Finding the right climbing rope can be a daunting task, especially when safety is on the line. You want a reliable and durable rope that meets your standards, but navigating the options can be overwhelming. At Inglesport, we understand your concerns and offer a range of high-quality climbing ropes that deliver confidence and peace of mind, without breaking the bank.

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We're not just another store selling climbing ropes. We're climbers who absolutely love what we do. We have tons of experience climbing in and outdoors and we know how crucial it is to have dependable gear you can count on.

That's why we've handpicked the best climbing ropes from top brands we trust to make sure you get the quality and value you deserve. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, we've got the perfect rope for you at a price that fits your budget.

And it's not just about selling ropes. We're here to help you pick the right one. Our team is full of experienced climbers who are ready to give you top-notch advice based on their own adventures. Need help deciding on length, thickness, or type of rope? We've got your back.

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Static vs Dynamic Rope: What's the difference?

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Frequently asked questions

In the UK and Europe, EN standards measure strength in kilonewtons (kN). One pound is equal to 0.0044 kN.

For an explanation of strength and how it relates to dynamic climbing ropes see ‘breaking load’ below.

The number of standard falls the rope withstands before it breaks. To gain their CE certification, dynamic climbing ropes must be able to hold a minimum number of standard falls depending on the rope type.

All dynamic ropes certified to EN892 are classed as ‘personal protective equipment’ and can therefore be used to hold people.

Breaking strength is the amount of force needed to break a rope, measured in kilonewtons (kN). See ‘breaking load’ below.

More accurately, the strength of a climbing rope is its ability to absorb energy in a fall so the ‘number of falls’ and the impact force are more important than the actual breaking load.

This depends on the severity of the fall, see ‘fall factor’ below. Some manufacturers recommend retiring a rope after a single severe fall (depending on the manufacturer this can vary from a fall factor above 1 to ‘approaching 2’). A rope may also need to be retired due to other factors such as age, abrasion, damage etc. The ‘number of falls’ stated in the user information is not a specific limit on the rope’s lifespan.

Breaking strength is the amount of force needed to break a rope, measured in kilonewtons (kN).

Dynamic climbing ropes don’t always quote a breaking strength. There is no requirement to do so as these ropes are made for falling onto rather than holding a weight. As such it’s the impact force and number of falls that matter rather than the strength.

Fall factor is a calculation representing the severity of a fall. It's determined by dividing the length of the fall by the amount of rope from the belayer to the climber. So, a larger fall factor means a more severe fall and higher loads on the climber, belayer and anchor points.

Most general use/normal ropes don’t stretch very much; this would be a disadvantage if you were trying to tie something up securely. Climbing ropes are made to stretch under load, which helps them to absorb the impact force from a fall.

There are three types of dynamic climbing rope:

  • Single
  • Half
  • Twin

Some ropes meet the requirements of two or even all three types.

Manufacturer’s instructions will tell you how to clean your rope so always follow their guidance. In general, use warm water and natural soap or a proprietary rope cleaning product. Soak the rope in the bath, then use a soft brush or buy a specific rope cleaning brush.

Why choose Inglesport?

Bobby Moore

Best sports (hiking, climbing, backpacking) shop in the UK. I travel very much and stopping in outdoor gear shops is my kriptonite. I love this shop. I've been to thousands and the quality and selection of this shop is like none other. There are so many shops just full of clothing. (I get it, clothing pays the bills) But this shop is a true gearheads shop. They do have a variety of clothing, but it is small and precise.

Bonus+++there is a cafe upstairs with delicious food. It serves breakfast to an early dinner. It is perfect for some chow before a trek or an end of the day meal. But it closes at 5pm so plan accordingly.

Lance Lowe

Awesome shop for outdoor , caving and climbing gear . Also has loads of rope access equipment not just specific to climbing or caving . Extremely helpful staff who always go out of their way to help you get what you want or need. Also trustworthy advice from people who actually participate in the outdoor activities that they supply the kit for . Would highly recommend it to all my fellow climbers and hikers . Prices are also reasonable and often specials are a bargain .

Matthew Rafferty

A very comprehensive shop for climbing, walking and caving. Paul behind the counter is always friendly and willing to offer advice on the best (and not always the most expensive) kit for what you need. The cafe upstairs serves good food, perfect for a breakfast before your walk and a cuppa afterwards.

Ju McC

Amazing local gem run by knowledgeable and helpful folk. Stocked with, well everything you need to be hiking, climbing or dipping in the beautiful Dales.

Lee Thornton

Great little shop for climbing/caving needs. Cafe upstairs, perfect for a brew after a trip down a pot hole! Always very friendly staff!

Dan Broughton

Excellent team with a really hands on knowledge of both climbing and caving. Their range of climbing and caving equipment and supplies is surprising for a smallish store in a small village like Ingleton.


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