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Whether you’re pairing down the weight of your rack with thin Dyneema® or you want a large, hard wearing nylon sling for group use, our climbing sling range covers both, plus a lot of options in between.

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  • Beal 26mm Webbing Tape


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  • Lyon 25mm Sling


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  • Sale DMM Dynatec 11mm Sling

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Slings – simple items with complex uses! Whether you want anchors, quickdraws, alpine quickdraws, to equalise your belay or a more obscure specialist use you’ll find something in our range.

We're climbers at Inglesport, too, so we know how crucial it is to have the right equipment. If you need advice on finding the perfect sling, our team of experts are ready to assist. We're on top of the latest climbing gear and we love the sport, so we'll help you choose wisely.

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Frequently asked questions

A myriad of things! Extending runners, creating anchors using natural features - spikes, threads (and trees), equalising anchor points/belays so all the points load evenly.

Shorter slings or ‘quickdraws’ are used to extend gear placements (‘runners’), which helps to reduce rope drag and the chances of them being shaken loose by the movement of the rope.

Longer slings are used for making anchor points or equalising the connection between several points into one central loop.

Quickdraws will have two carabiners in each one so these are just clip them into to your gearloops. If you have different carabiners in each end, make sure you rack them all the same way round. Longer slings can be doubled up then twisted around lots of times before clipping the ends together and then onto your gear loop. This makes a neat little bundle and helps to stop you catching your feet on them.

Alternatively, pass long slings across your chest, over your shoulder and down your back then clip the loops together, this keeps them out of the way but allows them to be deployed quickly. We don’t have a video so call into the shop and we’ll show you.

On a sport route you might be able to count the number of bolts and take the same number of quickdraws (plus one spare). You may also want a longer sling or two for the anchor unless it’s a lower off. For a trad route, a selection of quickdraws (maybe around 12, depending on the pitch length) and some longer slings for threads and spikes plus maybe a belay.

If you rack your slings twisted up and clipped to a gear loop then you can just leave them in the same way when you pack your gear away. If you rack them over your shoulder you might want to do something to prevent them tangling, either twist them up as previously described or fold them over/zig-zag them as many times as you can then tie an overhand knot in them.

You can equalise a multipoint anchor using a sling by clipping into all the individual points then drawing the loops together and tying a knot in them. It sounds simple but there are lots of details to consider so this isn’t something you should try without being shown in practice.

  • A round sling is, as the name suggests, a big round loop. It’s the most common type of sling.
  • Quickdraws are short slings which may be round loops or stitched together in the middle to make a loop at each end.
  • Alpine quickdraws are round slings that are longer than standard quickdraws. They are normally racked with the sling looped around 3 times. They can be used in this shorter configuration or as a single length to make an extra-long quickdraw.
  • Snake slings are longer than quickdraws but also just have a loop in each end. This is usually formed by sewing the sling together in the middle or by fitting a protective sleeve over most of the slings length.
  • Tape is the webbing that slings are made from but sold by the metre. The ends can be tied with a tape knot to form a loop.

It’s all about strength, weight and cost.

Materials like Dyneema or UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) are, weight for weight, stronger than steel. This means that thinner slings can be used, saving weight and bulk but with less resistance to abrasion – good if you’re trying to go lightweight.

Wider, nylon slings are much more abrasion resistant and also cheaper to replace so better for groups and outdoor centres who use then regularly. You may also see slings made from thin rope, the sheath of the rope provides extra protection and durability while still maintaining a relatively lightweight unit. Dynamic rope adds an element of energy absorption.

The strength of a sling is measured end to end/as a loop but this changes depending on how its used:

  • Doubled up or passed around something, it’s twice as strong, as you’d expect.
  • Passed through itself or ‘choked’ it will be much weaker

The angle at which it’s loaded also has an effect. If you fit a sling tightly over a spike and then clip a carabiner into it this will also make it weaker.

Finally, sharp edges will wear and abrade a sling but also weaken it even before it gets worn.

The user instructions should tell you more about this. Remember to take this into account when choosing slings for your intended use.

Why choose Inglesport?

Bobby Moore

Best sports (hiking, climbing, backpacking) shop in the UK. I travel very much and stopping in outdoor gear shops is my kriptonite. I love this shop. I've been to thousands and the quality and selection of this shop is like none other. There are so many shops just full of clothing. (I get it, clothing pays the bills) But this shop is a true gearheads shop. They do have a variety of clothing, but it is small and precise.

Bonus+++there is a cafe upstairs with delicious food. It serves breakfast to an early dinner. It is perfect for some chow before a trek or an end of the day meal. But it closes at 5pm so plan accordingly.

Lance Lowe

Awesome shop for outdoor , caving and climbing gear . Also has loads of rope access equipment not just specific to climbing or caving . Extremely helpful staff who always go out of their way to help you get what you want or need. Also trustworthy advice from people who actually participate in the outdoor activities that they supply the kit for . Would highly recommend it to all my fellow climbers and hikers . Prices are also reasonable and often specials are a bargain .

Matthew Rafferty

A very comprehensive shop for climbing, walking and caving. Paul behind the counter is always friendly and willing to offer advice on the best (and not always the most expensive) kit for what you need. The cafe upstairs serves good food, perfect for a breakfast before your walk and a cuppa afterwards.

Ju McC

Amazing local gem run by knowledgeable and helpful folk. Stocked with, well everything you need to be hiking, climbing or dipping in the beautiful Dales.

Lee Thornton

Great little shop for climbing/caving needs. Cafe upstairs, perfect for a brew after a trip down a pot hole! Always very friendly staff!

Dan Broughton

Excellent team with a really hands on knowledge of both climbing and caving. Their range of climbing and caving equipment and supplies is surprising for a smallish store in a small village like Ingleton.


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