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Wild Swimming

Wild Swimming in the Lake District: Your Ultimate Guide for 2023

Wild Swimming in the Lake District: Your ultimate 2023 guide

Discover wild swimming in the Lake District with Inglesport's Ultimate Guide for 2023: from serene lakes to hidden waterfalls, maps, photos and more.


Our Beginner’s Guide to Caving: Explore the Underground World

Beginner's guide to caving

Discover the basics of caving with our comprehensive guide. Learn about equipment, safety, best locations, and more for your next adventure.

Equipment, Climbing, Caving

Static Rope vs Dynamic Rope: The Differences & How to Choose [GUIDE]

Static vs dynamic rope

Uncover the differences in our Static Rope vs Dynamic Rope guide. Learn key features, choose the right rope for your climb, and understand safety standards.

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DMM Climbing: Why We Stock & Support Britain's Only Climbing Manufacturer

Why we stock and support DMM

Explore why Inglesport champions DMM Climbing for top-quality climbing and caving gear, highlighting our commitment to safety and innovation.