Beal Spelenium 10.5mm Semi-Static Rope


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Product Description

A 10,5mm rope offering the perfect balance between flexibility and abrasion resistance to meet your needs for caving and spelunking.

The SPELENIUM is a rope particularly adapted to caving and spelunking. It is the ultimate all-purpose rope providing a balance between flexibility and abrasion resistance that is ideal for your explorations. It is also very well suited to beginners in the sport.


Diameter: 10.5mm

Material: Polyamide

Low impact force: 5.00 kN

Sheath material: Polyamide (PA)

Rope core: Polyamide (PA)

Sheath slippage: 0 %

Colour: WHITE

Breaking load: 2800 daN (kg)

Static elongation: 3.5 %

Percentage of sheath: 37 %

Percentage of core: 63 %

Knotted strength: 1900 daN (kg)

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