The Caves of Northumberland

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This book offers the first definitive guide to the caves of Northumberland

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Northumberland, England’s northernmost and most sparsely populated county, is a dramatic and diverse region, ranging from the rugged North Sea coastline with its pristine, isolated beaches, the dense Kielder Forest; from the wild and remote Cheviot Hills, to the great Roman defensive fortification of Hadrian’s Wall.

Scattered throughout this large county, Northumberland’s caves are fascinating. There is a whole range of rock shelters, rifts, sea caves and potholes. The history of these gateways into the underworld includes colourful tales of underground exploration and folklore, with former residents of Northumberland’s caves said to include a highwayman, a queen and the body of a saint.

This book offers the first definitive guide to the caves of Northumberland. Every known cave is described in detail, with precise location data, information on the history of the cave, the local area and suggestions for other activities nearby. Most of the caves in this guide can be explored without specialist equipment, so there is something here for everyone, from hardened cave explorers, to families looking for adventurous and entertaining days out.

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Chris Scaife

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