Silva Spectra O Headlamp – 10,000 lumens

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Spectra O is an astounding headlamp that turns night into day, delivering an incredibly strong light output of 10 000 lumen. The headlamp holds 8 high power LED lights, packaged into a sleek, intuitive design, accompanied by a powerful 96 Wh battery. Spectra O is designed for night orienteering or trail running where comfortable fit and light matters.

Product Description

Spectra is by far the most powerful headlamp from Silva with a light output of 10 000 lumen. Spectra O has 8 powerful LED lights and features Silva Intelligent Light – a unique combination of a long reach spotlight and a close flood light. There are 5 different light settings, ranging from 10 000 to 80 lumen, to optimize the light for your speed or activity, or to save battery time when needed. Switch between the five brightness levels intuitively by pressing the large +/- buttons on the headlamp or by using the included Spectra Remote Control.

To create the perfect and the strongest light, Spectra is built with world class Cree XLamp XHP50.2 LEDs and LEDil TINA2-RS lenses. The Cree LEDs are the next generation of extreme high-power LEDs that deliver the best lumen density, reliability and color consistency. The LEDil lenses offer the perfect beam angles and high UV and temperature resistance.

The lamp unit of the Spectra has a flexible tilt angle to give you the freedom of adjusting the light beam where you want it. It can be easily modified during activity with grip friendly surfaces and an adjustment screw.


With extreme light output comes need for extreme cooling. Spectra is designed for optimal cooling in all aspects. The cooler is made of cold forged aluminium with wave shaped walls for additional cooling surface. There is also a built-in temperature sensor that regulates the heat for optimal performance.


Spectra is designed for multiple activities and can be easily switched between the different mount accessories. The battery can also be carried in multiple ways by using the different battery accessories and cords. Below is the list of included accessories in the Spectra O.

Spectra Remote Control with a wrist attachment. Use the remote control to boost the light when in technical terrain, or to quickly dim the light when you meet other people.

Spectra Head Mount made from neoprene and with adjustment straps on top, on the sides and in the back for optimal fit. The head mount is like a headband and you can simply slide the Spectra lamp in and out of the snap socket with just a click. Two cable loops on the sides secure that the cable stays in place.

Spectra Battery Charger charges the battery in less than 4 hours, and it comes with exchangeable EU, UK and US power plugs.


Spectra O comes with a powerful and rechargeable 96 Wh battery with a maximum burn time of 3 hours on maximum level, and up to 80 hours of burn time on minimum level .

The battery indicator lets you know when you need to charge the battery. When the battery level is 10%, the built-in low battery warning automatically adjusts the light to a 250-lumen reserve mode that lasts for 1 hour.

The additional Spectra Double Battery Connector allows you to use two battery sources as one by simply connecting two Spectra batteries. It is perfect for longer activities and training sessions since you can focus on the activity itself without having to stop for switching or charging batteries. It can be purchased separately.


  • 10 000 lumen
  • 8 high power LED lights
  • Weight: 763 g incl battery / 238 g excl battery
  • Max mode: 10000 lm / 1-3 h burn time / 310 m (1017 ft) light distance
  • Med Mode: 2500 lm / 3.5 h burn time / 160 m (525 ft) light distance
  • Min mode: 80 lm / 80 h burn time / 30m (98 ft) light distance
  • Powerful 96 Wh battery with battery indication
  • 5 brightness levels – ranging from 80 to 10 000 lumen
  • Silva Intelligent light – a unique combination of a long reach spotlight and a close flood light
  • Flexible tilt angle for adjusting the light beam
  • Designed for optimal cooling
  • Water resistant – both headlamp and battery meet IPX5 standard
  • Next generation Cree LEDs & LEDil lenses for perfect light
  • Spectra Remote Control included
  • Spectra Head Mount included
  • Spectra Battery Charger included


Battery indication: 5 step indication // Battery

Battery specification: Li-Ion 96 Wh / 14.4 V / 6.7 Ah / Hard case

Charging time: 4

Charging type: Spectra charger

Connection plug: SILVA Spectra connector

Flash warning: yes

Included accessories: Headlamp, Battery, Remote control Kit, Charger, Head mount, Quick guide, USB-C cable

Led type: 8 high power LEDs

Light distance max m: 310

Light distance med m: 160

Light distance min m: 30

Lightmodes: Max, Med-high, Med, Med-low, Min

Lumen max: 10000

Lumen med: 2500

Lumen min: 80

Material: ABS, PC, TPU, Aluminium, PA

Warranty: 2 year

Weight battery g: 525

Weight excl battery g: 238

Weight incl battery g: 763

Additional Information

Weight 1550 g