Powerfingers Hand Exerciser

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Product Description

PowerFingers are designed with health and well being at the forefront.

PowerFingers allows you to effectively train the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow to improve strength and dexterity, and to both prevent and recover from injury.

PowerFingers brings the muscles of the forearm back into balance by strengthening the extensors of the wrist and forearm, as well as improving grip strength and mobility in this area. Working this group of muscles has a significant benefit for those suffering from elbow tendonitis, carpal tunnel and repetitive strain issues by reducing pain and in some instances, eradicating this condition.

This patented product is crafted from carefully selected silicone and moulded into a circular shape. PowerFingers comes in a clamshell case of 5 colors, increasing from white to dark purple in tandem with the tension and resistance strengths, increasing as you move from the lighter colors to the darker ones.

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