Petzl Canyon Guide Harness


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Product Description

Comfortable, ergonomic harness with integrated protective seat, for canyoning

Designed for canyoning, the CANYON GUIDE is a comfortable, ergonomic harness designed for expert users and guides. It features a gated ventral attachment point that allows optimal integration of equipment (lanyard, ascender, cutaway sling). The gear loops and secondary loops make it easy to carry gear in any situation (progressing, organizing packs, rescue…). The protective seat is durable and interchangeable, and effectively protects the wetsuit and harness webbing from abrasion. The stainless steel DOUBLEBACK buckles, the metal attachment point and the reinforced gear loops optimize durability, for intensive use. The harness’s identification panel is also reinforced, for tracking the harness throughout its lifespan.

  • Comfortable, ergonomic canyoning harness designed for expert users and guides:
    – ergonomic ventral attachment point is positioned high, facilitating connection of the descender and optimizing comfort during rappels. The attachment point is gated, for optimal integration of the DUAL CANYON GUIDE lanyard, a cutaway sling or a CROLL S or L chest ascender
    – wide, semi-rigid waistbelt provides comfort and support
    – adjustment with DOUBLEBACK buckles for quick, fluid tightening
    – the color coding is identical to that of the CANYON CLUB, to simplify demonstrations
    – marking area on outside of waistbelt for easy identification of harness
  • Facilitates the transport and organization of equipment:
    – four pre-shaped gear loops, two horizontal and two vertical, for easy transport of equipment
    – four secondary loops, for attaching light bags and stowing the descender
    – the loop under the ventral attachment point is ideal for attaching a heavier bag or for installing a deviation. It can also be used to transfer a person during rescue
  • Excellent durability, for intensive use:
    – optimal durability of metal attachment point
    – protective seat is durable and interchangeable, designed to protect the wetsuit and harness webbing from abrasion. Two additional colors are available as accessories
    – stainless steel DOUBLEBACK buckles are very durable, even in salty environments
    – webbing designed for intensive use and smooth adjustment
    – reinforced gear loops with protective sheath
    – identification panel is integrated in the harness, for tracking the equipment throughout its lifespan
    – easy to clean
  • Available in two sizes

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