Nordisk Blue Mos Down Shoe Slippers



Product Description

Keep your feet warm, whenever you have cold feet, Mos Down Slippers will keep you warm. Based on a durable shell filled with soft duck down, and a sole made of very strong fabric, Mos will protect your freezing feet and provide a nice, cosy and warm feeling in the tent or at home.

Mos Down Shoes are very light and extremely compressable, so there is no excuse not to bring them on every trip during winter.

The Mos down shoe is made of the same fabric as Nordisk sleeping bags, very soft duck down, extremely compressable, anti slip branded sole, ultra soft lining, elastic drawcord, very durable.

Cheerful colours.

Multi-use carry bag.

Additional Information

Weight N/A




Shoe Size

XS (UK 1-3), S (UK 4-6), M (UK 7-9), L (UK 10-12)