Multimat Camper 7 Blue Foam Roll Mat


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Multimat’s Camper 7 is a steal. It is a cheap sleeping mat designed to provide a welcome degree of comfort to anyone, from family campers to summer festival-goers., As well as cushioning you from the hard ground this foam camping mat will also provide sufficient warmth during spring, summer and autumn nights., Laid out flat it is a full-sized mat nearly six feet long (1800mm) and 20 inches wide (500mm) but it will still fit into a one-person tent and, carrying it around, you’ll hardly notice it is there as it weighs just 160g (6oz) and rolls up to less than six inches thick., Additionally, this mat is made in Britain. If you are looking for a cheap sleeping mat, try the Camper 7. Large (180cm x 50cm)

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Weight 185 g