Multi Monti Rock Screw


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Product Description

This screw is recommended for cave chimney or aid climbing anchors.

The battery life of the hand drill is significantly extended as the holes must only be 6mm wide and 50mm deep.

They are more than strong enough if care is taken to alternate these screws with a safety screw of 7.5mm diameter (such as art. 289) in critical areas.

They are outstanding value for money and can be reused multiple times during an ascent. To screw, use a 10mm hex key.

MULTI-MONTI anchors are produced and patented by the German company HECO SCHRAUBEN KG & Co.

It is an innovative self-threading screw system and is highly resistant and practical. The first part of the Multi-Monti thread is characterised by thread serration / teeth.

When screwed, the anchor cuts into the material and creates the space for the rest of the screw.

Unlike traditional screw anchors, the Multi-Monti system does not exert excess tension on the material, reducing the risk of damage or breakage.

The Multi-Monti system also differs from traditional permanent mechanical or resin anchors in that it can be easily unscrewed and reused. 

This procedure should not be employed more than three times on rock and only once on granite.

Multi-Monti anchors are very resistant and reliable

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