Mountain Paws Heavy Duty Shock Absorber Dog Lead

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A must have for jogging with the dog, or for those who have a very energetic companion, the Shock Absorbing dog lead will make walkies that little bit easier

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Product Description

An elastic lead that provides more freedom for the dog. Can be handheld or worn around the waist when you need your hands free. The shock absorber dog lead absorbs shock due to the strong elasticated section which reduces the tug felt from a sudden pull.

The lead is designed to absorb shock. With some dogs (I think we can all think of one…) it is something you’d want anyway, but it can also be particularly useful if you go jogging with your dog. The handle is padded neoprene to make it more comfy. There is also a grab loop behind the dogs collar for those situations where you need the dog to heel, such as by traffic, sheep or other dogs that are just a little too friendly! The attachment point is a high strength screwgate carabiner which ensures a strong link to your dog’s collar.


  • Handheld or round the waist
  • Strong elastic section
  • Shock absorption and greater freedom of movement
  • Padded neoprene handle
  • High strength carabiner tested to 12kN
  • Nylon covered stretch webbing (lead)
  • 65% neoprene
  • 35% polypropylene (handle)

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    Mountain Paws Heavy Duty Dog Lead

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