Fenix E28R V2.0 Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

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E28R V2.0 provides high level performance and versatile features at a great price point in the Fenix torch range.


Product Description

This compact powerhouse delivers 1700 lumens of brightness with a 273m beam distance at the high end and 32 days of use for 8 hours per day at the 5 lumen low end. Great for unexpected emergencies. A new location mode LED around the single metal switch enables you to put the torch down and find it easily again in the dark. Great for use as a tail standing night light or for camping.

With a magnetic tail cap, Emergency Strobe at 1700 lumens, USB-C rapid charging, a 3400 mAh Fenix 18650 battery and a compact 6061 T6 aluminium body with premium Fenix build quality, this light punches above its weight to offer a superbly versatile outdoor and everyday carry torch equally at home around the house, in the car, out in the field or at work.

Fenix E28R V2 performance:

  • Eco: 5 lumens (260 hrs), 15m beam
  • Low: 50 lumens (36 hrs 50 min), 45m beam
  • Med: 150 lumens (17 hrs 15 min), 80m beam
  • High: 600 lumens (2 hrs 50 min) 164m beam
  • Turbo: 1700 lumens (2 hrs 10 min total), 273m beam

Location Mode: 1 lumen (switchable between solid red, solid green, breathing red and breathing green)

Strobe: 1700 lumens

Fenix E28R V2 features:

  • USB-C fast charging (cable supplied) charges in 3 hrs using mobile phone charger or similar
  • Can use 2 x non rechargeable CR123 batteries in emergency (don’t attempt to charge CR123 batteries)
  • LED charging / battery status indicator built in around the operation switch (red charging / green charged)
  • 5 lumen Eco and 50 lumen Low modes can be used while charging
  • Breathing light to locate torch in darkness
  • Intelligent memory circuit remembers last used lighting level (except Strobe)
  • Electronic lock out to prevent accidental activation
  • Intelligent overheat protection at 60c
  • Low voltage warning
  • Premium bronzed metal switch and bezel face
  • Magnetic tail cap for use under car bonnet etc
  • IP68 – 2m waterproof for 4 hrs and dust proof
  • 5m drop tested

Fenix E28R V2 operation:


  • With the light unlocked, press and hold the side switch for 0.5 seconds to turn on/off the light.

Mode switching:

  • Mode A – General Mode: With the light switched off, press and hold the side switch for 0.5 seconds to turn on the flashlight and enter Mode A.
  • Mode B – Flash Mode: Press and hold the side switch for 1.2 seconds to enter Mode B(strobe). In Mode B, single click the side switch to exit Mode B and return to Mode A.
  • Mode C – Location Mode: With the light switched off, double click the side switch to turn on the flashlight and enter Mode C. Press and hold the side switch to exit Mode C and turn off the flashlight.

Output Selection:

  • Mode A: With the light switched on, single click the side switch to cycle through Eco→Low→Med→High→Turbo.
  • Mode C: In Mode C, single click the side switch to cycle through Red constant-on→Green constant-on→Red breathing→Green breathing.

Intelligent Memory Circuit:

  • The flashlight automatically memorizes the last selected output of General Mode excluding Turbo. When turned on again, the previously used output of General Mode will be recalled. The flashlight will activate in High mode if it was previously switched off in Turbo mode.


  • Lock: with the light switched off, triple click the switch to lock the light, the light will blink twice in Eco mode to indicate locked status.
  • Unlock: with the light locked, triple click the switch to unlock the light, the light will be unlocked and the previously used output will be recalled.

*In locked status, clicking or pressing the switch will activate 2 blinks on Eco to indicate locked status.




ADDITIONAL BATTERY TYPE: 2 x CR123 (Do NOT attempt to charge CR123 batteries in the light)

(Do NOT use RCR123 / 16340 batteries in this light)



Turbo: 1700 Lumens (2 hrs 10 mins), High: 600 Lumens (2 hrs 50 mins), Med: 150 Lumens (17 hrs 15 mins), Low: 50 Lumens (36 hrs 50 mins), Eco: 5 Lumens (260 hrs), Strobe: 1700 Lumens, Location light: 1 Lumen

FLASHING MODES: Strobe, 1 lm Warning Light


REFLECTOR: Smooth aluminium reflector

LENS TYPE: Toughened Ultra – Clear glass lens with anti – reflective coating

SWITCH TYPE: Side on-off-mode switch

CONSTRUCTION : A6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminium

FINISH: Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish



WATERPROOFING: IP68, 2m depth & dustproof

DIMENSIONS: 121mm (Length) x 26.5mm (Head Diameter) x 22.5mm (Body Diameter)

WEIGHT: 128 grams (including battery)

Additional Information

Weight 250 g