DMM Centre Threadback ID Group Climbing Harness


Product Description

A robust centre harness with a new horizontal tie, increased durability, larger size tolerance for the smaller user, safety point colour coding and threadback stainless buckles. Now with DMM iD as standard.

Product Name Product Code Colour Size Weight Waist (in) Waist (cm) Legs (in) Legs (cm) Certification
Centre Threadback iD HC201-ID Blue/Anthracite Size 1 405g 20-49 50-125 12-32 30-82 EN12277:2015 C
Centre Threadback iD HC201XL-ID Orange/Anthracite Size 2 425g 35-60 90-150 20-38 50-97 EN12277:2015 C


Additional Information

Weight N/A
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