Beal Tiger 10mm Dry Cover Unicore Climbing Rope


This rope is a true model of versatility for climbing, now with UNICORE technology and a model of versatility with enhanced features.


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Product Description

The TIGER 10MM is an ideal rope in terms of versatility. In climbing, it is the first-choice rope for climbers starting using thin ropes. It is characterized by its ease of handling and its ease of clipping. It is good to know that it also has a diameter suitable for all self-locking belay devices. The TIGER 10MM is now reinforced with new properties that improve its strength and durability, making it a favourite among experienced climbers.

A concentrate of technology combining strength and durability

In addition to being an example of versatility, this rope has been enhanced by technical improvements such as UNICORE technology, which bonds the core and sheath of the rope for optimal safety. All this without affecting the flexibility of the rope making the TIGER 10MM a perfect rope for all types of adventures and climbs.


Diameter: 10mm

Range: Intensive line

Material: Polyamide

Low impact force: 7.60 kN

Sheath material: Polyamide (PA)

Rope core: Polyamide (PA)

Sheath slippage: 0 mm

Single rope: yes

Dynamic elongation: 37 %

Static elongation: 10 %

Percentage of sheath: 40%

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Climbing Rope Diameter

10.0 mm

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