Beal Opera 8.5mm Dry Cover Unicore Climbing Rope


Weighing in at only 48 g per meter, the Opera 8.5 is the first sub 50g rope and is the lightest and thinest single rope on the market. The rope is made with technology that combines all of Béal’s know-how, resulting in low impact forces, UNICORE technology and DRY COVER protection.

Product Description

The Opera Dry Cover Unicore climbing rope from Beal inspires with its extremely low weight and great versatility. This thin, lightweight single rope is also certified as a half and twin rope. It can withstand hard projects on the rock without any problems because it is extremely resistant and has a dry cover impregnation against water and dust. Even demanding climbers will be delighted by the flexibility and smooth handling of this Opera Dry Cover Unicore climbing rope.

Suitable for:

  • Alpine Climbing, Sport Climbing


  • Climbing Ropes
  • Single rope, Half rope, Twin rope


  • Impact Force: 7.4 kN
  • Impact force twin rope: 5.5 kN
  • Impact force twin rope: 8.8 kN
  • standard fall rated single rope: 5.0
  • standard fall rated double rope: 18.0
  • standard fall rated twin rope: 25.0


  • Dry treated: Sheath


  • 48 g/m

Additional Information

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