Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro Intelligent 4 Cell Battery Charger


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Product Description

The Powerline 4 Pro is a multifunction fast charger for 1-4 AA or AAA batteries. With a charging current of up to 1800mA, the Powerline 4 Pro also cares for the condition of rechargeable cells. Battery refresh, overheat protection and automatic shutdown all help to preserve the life cycle of each battery. The issue of self-discharge in rechargeable cells is perfectly managed here by the trickle change function. Cells are individually controlled with the capacity of each displayed (in mAh) on an LCD display. In addition, an individual charging program can be assigned to each cell. The Powerline 4 Pro can be used worldwide (100-240V) or in-car (12V) and has a handy USB socket for charging devices with USB connection e.g. mobile phones. UK and EU interchangeable plugs.

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Weight 550 g