Maillon Rapide

Maillon Rapide quick links are manufactured by Péguet, the inventor and world leader in the manufacture of high quality quick links.Based in the French Alps for over 3 generations, Péguet is a family business that provides a simple connector solution for virtually every application from work at height, rope access, arboriculture through to event rigging. Their quality based manufacturing process provides end users with reliable & practical products for every type of secured connection and their continuous commitment towards their customers has been the mainstay of their business for 70 years.

What is a Quick link?

Maillon Rapide quick links can be described as a mechanical connector composed of two parts, a rod and a nut.

Product manufacture is by continuous material forming and bending machine tools, some of which were specially developed in-house, and final product assembly, much of it still by hand for the highest quality finish.

Cold pressing of metal wire, which keeps the mechanical properties of the material unchanged, makes it possible to obtain unlimited product shapes: Standard (original quick link); Large Opening (extended shape); Delta (triangular); Square, as well as other specific shapes (Trapeze, Eyelet, Twist).


Quality control is reflected in the whole manufacturing process and maintained through strict in-house and external quality procedures. Quality insurance with raw material’s suppliers is fundamental and the flow of goods into Péguet is tightly controlled.

A continuous monitoring scheme ensures control on the whole manufacturing process and is the key to top quality products.

Product applications

When selecting Mallion Rapide’s always consider the Working load limit in kg, or Breaking load limit in kN marked on the Maillon Rapide quick link. These limits are only met when the connector is fully closed and correctly torqued.

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