The roots of Lapis extend to the year 1991, when Aljoša Grom started carving his first climbing holds. Born out of a passion for climbing and route setting his first products were an inspiration to many climbers and route-setters. It had also sparked the attention of Jaka Schlamberger, a successful entrepreneur who had first introduced Slovenia to some of skate and snowboard’s most successful brands.  With his knowledge of business, brands and brand development acquired through years of experience coupled with his Masters in Economics from the University of Vienna, Jaka saw huge potential in developing a brand of climbing holds. Together they decided to create a partnership forming the Lapis™ brand. Today the brand carries over 2500 different climbing holds, a vast array of unique training accessories, climbing structures and the world renowned ‘Lapis™ Brush’. Testimony to the brand’s success is the fact that Lapis holds are used in the world’s best climbing gyms and sold in stores all over the world.

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